Introduction of Women Centre for
Social Development Foundation (W.C.S.D.F.)

Women Centre For Special Development Foundation  is one of the leading, non-profit and independent organization, wholly dedicated to humanitarian services. Though women centre for special development Foundation officially registered ordinance 1961, Government of Pakistan as an NGO. (WCSDF) endeavors to serve humanity, work for human welfare and to help the downtrodden and the deprived.

The Organization (WCSDF) has been extending its activities for women Training, Education services, Women Welfare, Orphans and Children Welfare.

(WCSDF) workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for providing relief to affected people throughout the country. Their dedicated services include Rescue & Relief, Rehabilitation and Development, Education, Healthcare, Community Services, Microfinance, and of course, care for Orphans.

(WCSDF) organized social welfare system in Pakistan. Foundation works round the clock, without any discrimination on the basis of color, race, language, religion or politics. The Foundation modifies the phrase " Live and let live" Live and help live".